MMO Partner’s understanding of the federal legislative process, knowledge of federal programs, well informed network of agency, Congressional and association contacts to enable the firm and its professionals to develop and execute successful lobbying programs for clients.


Our approach is to develop a strategic and direct Washington program engaging Capitol Hill and federal agencies. The program must provide the client with a substantial return on investment (ROI). MMO Partners has a record of providing successful funding, legislative, and regulatory programs for its clients.


Members of Congress, their staff, and agency professionals must know what support and opposition exists for a legislative proposal. Additionally, they must know the background to the proposal requesting their support.  Grant proposals must be written to clearly demonstrate to meet administrative and programmatic eligibility requirements.  MMO Partners supports clients by producing the strongest arguments and most competitive applications to be successful.


MMO’s creativity for finding federal assistance, building federal agency support, and enlisting Congressional collaboration enables the firm to get the highest return on investment clients expect. Congress and federal decision-makers interested in supporting solutions have been thought through and demonstrate a grasp of the problem, a pragmatic approach and a credible solution.  The federal government does not have all the answers to problems. Local governments and special jurisdictions must tailor federal aid to solve local problems.


The MMO goal is to contour a Washington program that is strong, clear, and successful.  The local need for federal assistance persists.  Local governments must understand how to utilize Washington representation to access federal support. Policy-making is often driven by finding the most workable solution to a problem.  Our priorities are to inject flexibility into the process and ensure that the problem is solved.

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